The RIGHT Choice!
Welcome to Rightway Security Services Inc., our comitment to provideing the best quality services has never ben stronger. We believe now more then ever quality, commitment to purpose and trust is what sets us apart in the private secuirty industry.

After 15 years Rightway Security has remain focused on the security challenges of commerical and residential properties.  We attack these challenges with proven security principles and practices that create working solutions for our clients and the communities they serve.

Rightway Security's goal is to provide a consistant application of these working soultions in order to minimize our clients exposure to the loss and liability issues so often sholder by the property management industry.

Our mission has been to increase the awareness of both the public and private sectors that quality, commitment to purpose and trust is what makes the private security industry a valuable asset for any commercial or residental management strategy.

Following that mission Rightway Security is a contributing memeber to CALSAGA (California Association of Licensed Security Agencies Guards and Associates) which distinguishes its members as having committed to improving the security industry through education, personal development and raising regulatory standards for all security agencies and associates.

To that end Rightway Security strives to provide our clients with superior service that meets or exceeds there ever challenging security and protection needs.

Rightway Security recognizes that in order to achieve our mission we must

recruit and retain the most qualified security officers in the industry

Provide our workforce with the continuing education program that employs the most current technology and protection techniques available.


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