The RIGHT Choice!

All Officers are Highly Visible Uniformed Officers that maintain a high degree of deterrent to crime.  All officers with Rightway Security Services Inc will be equipped for our client’s individual needs.  Standard equipment includes a full duty belt, handcuffs, a flashlight and a portable reporting package.

             Foot Patrol    

Foot Patrol officers generally patrol a small to medium area.  Officers on foot are able to check concealed areas while continually interacting with the public and tenants.  The Foot Patrol Officer can thoroughly patrol a specific area more efficiently.

              Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle patrols allow officers to patrol larger areas, with the flexibility to maneuver around parking lots, on side walks, and alley ways.  Bicycle patrols provide more frequent patrols and quick response to calls.  They also allow the officer to carry equipment, such as reports, and First Aid supplies.  The bicycle patrol program is great for public relations and customer service.


The Sentinel position is a newly created innovative affordable idea to cover the heightened security demands of all businesses today.  The Sentinel is an unarmed qualified greeter, and individual to restrict access, a DETERRENT and a well groomed licensed professional.


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